Third and Fourth Form Students Team Together and Win!

Recently, the Third and Fourth Form netball team played against Kingsmead School - a very successful win for St. John's, with the final score being 20-7. The students performed extremely well on a freezing cold afternoon. The team was a mixture of two teams put together, so the students had to adjust to playing alongside each other, and some were even playing out of their normal positions. The first quarter started very close, with Kingsmead playing a very fast, rushed game. The students made sure that they were going to go into the second quarter dominating the pace, and when in possession of the ball they controlled the speed to allow for optimum accuracy. We took the lead, and this continued throughout, the target score was 20 and the girls achieved this just before the final whistle. The match gave Miss Foley and Miss Frendo a good insight into potential players and positions for next year’s senior team. An excellent performance by all the players, well done!